Team Marketing is the expert, full-service agency that has what it takes to grow your Amazon revenue and profitability on BOTH the Vendor Central and Seller Central platforms.

Team Marketing began our partnership with Amazon over 12 years ago – a millennium in the ever- changing, fluid landscape of the Amazon world.

This long-term partnership with an insider’s view is key to our ability to build strong relationships quickly with vendor managers across our categories and stay well-informed, and even ahead, of Amazon’s continually evolving strategies.

  • Capitalize on your top-line volume year over year on Amazon.
  • Back your product with Amazon experts who will take full advantage of your full potential on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.
  • Bring an unparalleled level of expertise in all aspects of the platform.
  • We develop a strategic business plan and continually optimize your operations to increase sales and your brand integrity.

vendor central

  • FULL LIFECYCLE OF THE AMAZON ASIN: From new item setup and catalog management, daily maintenance of the vendor catalog and customer review monitoring, we have the detailed attention to increase your visibility and sales.
  • CONTENT: Search results are everything on Amazon. We leverage the Amazon algorithm and maximize the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to put as many eyes on your product as possible. We provide the best Amazon shopping experience: including A+ Detail Pages, Image and Video Uploads – Brand recognition and visibility on site
  • DEMAND FORECASTING and INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Amazon runs on a demand model for it’s ordering process. Increasing the demand for your products, then staying ahead of it to maximize your Vendor Scorecard is essential to a successful Amazon relationship. We have proven success in Reporting Vendor Scorecard Review Sales procedures and reporting, Top Seller Analytics
  • MARKETING DEVELOPMENT AND ADVERTISING: Marketing development at Amazon is essential to separating your product from the pack. We have the expertise to best and most effectively utilize Lightning deals, Deals of the Day, Coupons and Campaigns ensuring the most sales lift for every dollar spent.
  • LOCATION AND NEGOTIATION: We are located in Amazon’s backyard, giving us the access essential to promote and react immediately on-site and from the inside. This includes prioritizing Vendor Manager relations – and using these connections to negotiate your best annual program (Imports and AVMs).

seller central

  • Life on amazon as a 3P marketplace vendor gives you greater control over pricing and content for your products, but comes with increased obligation to monitor and track across platform levels. As marketplace experts, we help optimize your sales and exposure:
  • Research your brand and products to create the most successful strategy for product launch and maintaining advancement once established.
  • Standing out on from your competitors on amazon is key and that means branding: Consistent detail pages with enhanced brand content, images and A+ pages.
  • Listing Optimization – detailed analysis of content, search terms and keywords give the most successful search engine optimization.
  • Marketing with Sponsored Ads, Deals, Coupons and Promotions – Amazon’s advertising options can be an investment with a high return. The key is to know how to strategically maximize your return while minimizing the cost of sale.